Founded in 2017, Concurrent Advisors represents the partnership of like-minded practices, operating under a national brand and collaborating to enhance their respective value propositions for clients and advisors alike.

Factors that demonstrate our difference

When choosing a financial services practice, finding the right fit is essential to your financial future. We believe there are several factors that set us apart from the typical financial group, differences that make for an uncommon client experience - and have allowed us to evolve into a practice that can meet your needs.

Experienced advisors nationwide

With offices from coast to coast, we are here wherever you need us. Through our broker dealer, Raymond James Financial Services, we provide sophisticated products and services to address even your most complex financial needs. We have formed this nationwide practice to leverage best practices and be well-positioned to pursue the ultimate goal of better client outcomes.

An in-depth process for customized planning

At Concurrent Advisors, we utilize a deep discovery process with each client in order to craft a truly customized strategy and plan designed to help each client meet their goals and objectives.

Personalized attention and guidance

Our dedication to knowing you well and attending to every need are the keys to customizing a plan and strategy for pursuing your individual objectives and addressing every essential financial matter in your life.

A commitment to the highest standards

We strive to set the bar for advisors who are working with our clients, proactively analyzing any new developments that impact the financial industry and serving as incubators of new ideas to enhance and refine the ways we can add value.

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